About Tiger 10

Race To Death Valley



Tiger 10k is partnership between LSU Athletics and FRESHJUNKIE Racing that brings together all the tradition, pomp and circumstance of LSU Football and Tiger Stadium into a fun, festive road race event.  The goal of the event is to give the entire LSU community; fans, students, alumni, faculty and staff, no matter age or ability, an opportunity to complete their journey in Tiger Stadium.  An opportunity to make their mark on that hallowed ground where so many have left theirs. Due to scheduled construction on the football field, the 2019 race will be starting and finishing in the same location – South Stadium Drive. Our post race which will once again be a celebratory event featuring food, beer and fun.

Race History

Where did Tiger 10k come from?  Go back to April 2007, at the CrazyLegs Classic in Madison, Wisconsin.  Eric Engemann, then an intern at the University of Wisconsin, watches as 17,000 people complete an 8k race on the field at Camp Randall Stadium.  While Camp Randall is a beautiful venue with great tradition, he thought a similar event at Tiger Stadium had potential to be an amazing experience for LSU fans.

October 2010 – LSU and BRASF meet for the first time regarding a Tiger Stadium finishing race.  Through years of discussion, starts and stops due to construction and other changes on campus, LSU, FRESHJUNKIE Racing and SportsBR agree to move forward with the event in the spring of 2017.  On December 3rd, 2017, 4,000 runners took to the streets of LSU and Baton Rouge to begin their journey to Death Valley.

Will you leave your mark? Registration for the 4th Annual Tiger 10K opens Fall 2020.