Post Race Party

Post Race Party


This year’s post race party will be held near the start/finish line on South Stadium Drive. The party will feature live music, beer and local cuisine. Each participant’s bib has three food/beer tabs attached to it. These are for use at the post race party. If you plan to enjoy a cold beer after your race, please have your ID on you.

Food: We will have Tiger Dogs by Randisle, Izzos, Curbside, Walk-Ons, Playa Bowls, Kolache Kitchen and TJ Ribs serving up post-race food and Michelob Ultra on tap for some post-race beer.

No post race party is complete without some good music and this year we will once again have live music. This year we have Baton Rouge native, Jonathon Long rockin the post race party stage.

Eighteen years into century twenty-one, Baton Rouge born Jonathon Long (he’s retired ‘Boogie’) has claimed his own share of that legacythe legacy left by the likes of Buddy Guy, Kenny Neal, Tabby Thomas, Lightnin’ Slim and so many others who fueled that vibrant blues scene going back decades into the last century. He has mined, refined and re-defined his beloved blues for over half of his 29 years. The shuffles and homages to the King’s and Collins’s, along with his mastery of the red Gibson, have evolved into what will certainly be a milestone in that legacy, his third album, titled simply ‘Jonathon Long’. The songs on ‘Jonathon Long’ range from straight ahead blues, to stories of heartbreak, yearning, hope and redemption, to a drinking song. His own spirituality is front and center, but in a positive, non-preachy manner.